Professional Technical Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners

Technical SEO Tips for Beginners

Want to dive deep into the technical SEO? Here are a few professional tips for beginners 2018, Check it out and start the basic of Search Engine Optimization.

Technical SEO is not limited to enhancing your search engine page ranking (SERP), it is a mesmerizing field with creative aspects. A very first thing which is crucially required is problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the very basic interesting technical dimensions that’ll you out in outpacing your website ranking on Google and the other search engines.

10 SEO Tips for Increasing the Ranking on Google

  • Website/Page Speed is Crucial Factor: According to the Google, great web-page speed on mobile and desktop deliver great user experience and also a vital dimension. When it comes to growing the ranking of website quick loading of the web-page is essential.  (Fully load time of an average mobile landing page is 22 sec, some research also indicate that it takes more than 3seconds to load visitors quit explore that website) – Check out your website speed with Google “Page Speed Insight Tool”
  • Robots files (robot.txt) are case-sensitive and should be in the main directory of the Website: It is a simple standard .txt file which helps search engine about which web-page of the website should not be scanned or processed. The robots.txt file name should be in lower-case (robots.txt) and must be placed in the website’s main directory otherwise search engine crawlers won’t be able to understand
  • Google is not interested how you’ve created your sitemap: It is on you how you want to create your sitemap as long it is an XML file.
  • The NoArchive tag doesn’t effect the website ranking on Google: this tag assists Google from showing the cached version of the web-page in its search result and don’t hurt the ranking of the website.
  • Google crawl your home page first: In many research, it is found that Google very first crawls the home-page of the website however it is not a rule. It is an exception if your website has many pages.
  • A page should be disallowed if it is not optimized or doesn’t have SEO values: Pages on the website that are showered with SEO values should be disallowed. Including promotions, add or offer pages that have been expired.
  • The website should not have Canonical Issue: It is an issue or condition where Google and the other search engine consider a single website as more than a website. The standard form of the website should be –

Your website should not have this form of URL

  • Google endorse redirects of the website at least once in a year: Google takes at least a month to recognize that the website has moved. In this case, 301 redirect is essential once in a year.
  • “No-translate” tag option is also available: Using this Meta tag you can aware google to not translate different language version of Google search.
  • Three vital Meta tag in SEO: If you want to grow to ranking of a website then it is recommended using three meta-tags which are Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Robot tag.

There is much to grab in SEO, these are the basic to start. Stay Connected and Check out the vital benefits of the SEO Expert Company.

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